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Distance Learning Courses

Rigorous and engaging online courses for GCSE and A-level maths - at an affordable price.

Whether you are preparing for I/GCSE or A-level maths exams privately or you want to supplement your local college instruction,our extraordinary maths tuition and distance learning courses can help you. 


Our expert maths tutor uses clear visuals and probing questions to help students develop the reasoning and problem solving skills demanded by the new maths exams. Through a 'Visual Thinking' approach, students develop confidence and mathematical thinking skills. 

Our clever use of technology enables us to offer the best of private tutoring extended by the benefits of distance learning. Students can learn whenever they learn best so that steady progress toward desired learning goals is made.

By learning the Raymondson way, each student will perform at his or her peak in exams and develop the skills needed to become successful life-long learners. 


This foundation maths tuition course offers a new approach to learning mathematics, with a focus on helping students of all ages develop a strong foundation in mathematics. We call our method Spiral Tutoring.

The course is suitable for students 10+. The lessons can serve as ideal preparation for the 11+ exam, KS2 SATs, Functional Skills Level 1, Functional Skills Level 2, GCSE Foundation Exam to grade 5. 

Younger students who are not being challenged in school will find the course rewarding. Older students who have struggled with maths in the past or Adults who have not studied maths for some time will be able to build confidence and work towards success in any entry level exam. 

Every month, our lead math tutor Mr. D covers key topics that featured on a range of past exam papers in depth. On-demand math classes are normally released twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday. Every month you have access to at least 10 hrs of on-demand learning. 

Because some topics repeat more than others in every exam series, you can expect maths tutor Mr.D to teach topics you have not done before, topics you have done but need more practice on, and topics you think you have mastered.

Some topics will be taught repeatedly every month because they are critical to building a firm foundation in mathematics and you can never have enough practice. This is why we call this method Spiral, we regularly go over topics in detail and you can choose to focus on as many topics as you need in any given month. You can send your work to be viewed and ask questions via email or the online discussion board. Based on how students perform and questions asked, Mr. D can adapt his tutoring to better meet your needs - e.g. more examples, or showing different methods.

For each topic, you have LEARN and PRACTICE sessions that teach you new skills or consolidate work your already learnt. You then have APPLY sessions where you use the skills to solve more complex exam style questions. Additional practice is also available via high quality digital resources.

At the end of the Spiral, you are given a link to an assessment to do under timed conditions. With this basic course package, students are provided with the solutions to mark and grade their work. This means that roughly every 4 weeks, you will have a clear idea of what grade you are working at and what topics you need to improve on. When next the lessons on those topics come up you interact with them and us even more to master them and you will also practice topics you have already mastered so that you do not forget those skills.

This unique approach gives students more control over their learning and offers excellent preparation for a range of exams.  You know what your grade you want to achieve. We help you to find out your current grade and we give you the teaching and feedback needed to move closer to your grade goal.

You may wish to consider one of our addon tutoring/coaching support packages for us to mark and grade your work, track your progress and provide more personalised feedback.

If you are not sure if this course is right for you, email to discuss your needs and get a recommendation.

Why is this course right for you?

Our uniquely flexible online Maths course means that even if you're working full-time or caring for family, you can fit learning around your busy life.

We know many people struggle with Maths, so our course has been specially designed so that you begin with the basics, then move gradually to more complex material when you're ready.

Plus, you'll have the full support of your personal tutor and our in-house Maths teacher Melissa whenever you get stuck.

Your GCSE Maths will be a stepping stone to further education, a fulfilling career - and a better future.

Entry requirements

You don’t need any previous qualifications to take this course.

If English is your second language, we recommend you have an IELTS 5.5 or equivalent, but we’re happy to review your case on an individual basis.

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