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Class Options :


Choose a membership package and enjoy up to 2 sessions per week at a discounted prices.  

Where: ONLINE - Zoom. 


Lower Primary

UK Y3/4

Ages 7-9

Weds 16:40 to 17:25

Sat 10:25 to 11:10

Upper  Primary

UK Y5/6

Ages 9-11

Tues 16:40 to 17:25

Sat 13:55 to 14:40


UK Y7/8

Ages 11-13

Thur 16:40 to 17:25

Sun 13:55 to 14:40


UK Y9-11

Ages 14-16

Coming soon.


UK Y11-13

Ages 16+

Coming soon.

About the programme:


MIT has consistently topped world university rankings. Here is the advice they give to prospective students:


‘You should focus on taking the most challenging courses available to you in the areas that interest you… Many of our students who are mathematically inclined have found Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) an indispensable resource.’


MIT Admissions


When your child starts taking Raymondson personalised problem-solving sessions, they learn with the world renowned AoPS digital curricula resources that have prepared tens of thousands of students for the rigours of top-tier universities and internationally competitive careers. All the main learning objectives for each key-stage and UK exams are covered, but in greater depth and with significantly more opportunities for developing mathematical thinking and reasoning skills.


Your child will develop their problem solving and independent learning skills with coaching from an outstanding, fully qualified and DBS checked Maths teacher. The maths coach will guide your child through a personalised learning path, to help them unleash their true potential. Through expert coaching, mentoring and some clever use of technology, this unique maths tuition programme will enable your child to progress at their optimal pace. We track your child's mathematical development and report on progress regularly.  



  • Dedicated focus on your child’s areas for improvement, leading to significantly enhanced performance in school maths exams, entrance tests* (11+, SATs, 13+, GCSE, A-level) and prestigious maths competitions. 

  • Learn to solve problems by trying, failing, and ultimately succeeding.

  • Grow grit, tenacity and perseverance.

  • Excellent preparation for university entrance exams and the rigours of mathematically rich subjects at university.


*We do not currently offer any specific entrance test prep. We focus on the long term, giving students a solid foundation for future studies in maths, science, engineering, computing and other related fields, regardless of the type of school they attend.

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