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The Course prepares learners for success in BTEC National (QCF Level 3) Engineering Unit 4 - Mathematics for Technicians.  

This course enables learners to build on knowledge gained at GCSE or BTEC First Diploma level and use it in a more practical context for their chosen discipline.

The course consists of 4 modules, each mapped to a learning outcome from the Unit. 

Module 4.1 addresses Learning outcome 1 and will develop learners' knowledge and understanding of algebraic methods, from simplifying logarithms to solving solving quadratic equations.

Module 4.2 prepares learners to meet the requirements of Learning outcome 2. Students will learn another method of angle measure, use trigonometry and calculate volumes and surface areas of a range of solids.

To meet the criteria set out in Learning Outcome 3, Module 4.3 will help learners to use a range of statistical diagrams and analytical techniques to explore an engineering topic of interest. 


Finally, learners will have an introduction to calculus in Module 4.4 to meet the requirements of Learning outcome 4. 

Other Information


To gain credit for the BTEC Unit, learners must be assessed by a written assignment at the end of each of the 4 modules in this course.  

As part of a subscription, your organisation will be provided with 4 assignments that can be used as is, or modified, in line with their internal procedures. 

Assignment 1 assesses P1,P2,P3,M1 and M2

Assignment 2 assesses P4,P5,P6,P7

Assignment 3 assesses P8,P9

Assignment 4 assesses P10,D1,D2

Depending on your subscription choice, assignments will be marked in line with BTEC guidelines. 

Subscription Period

Learners will have access to the online course content for 4 months from the date your subscription is activated. Your organisation will be responsible for administering assignments in line with BTEC guidelines. 

Study Method 

This online course enables learners to study for BTEC Level 3 Engineering Unit 4 by distance learning. All course materials, including streaming videos and other digital content, can be accessed via most modern internet enabled devices via popular web browsers. Learners will be required to complete each module in sequence. They will not be able to move to another module until the previous module has been completed.


Learners will require standard mathematics study equipment such as squared paper notebook, graph paper, pen ,pencial , ruler , rubber, and a scientific calculator. These are not provided as part of the course materials.

Course Overview
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Course Content

BTEC National (QCF Level 3) Engineering

Unit 4 - Mathematics for Technicians.  

Unit code: A/600/0253


Module 4.1


Learning Outcome 1 Be able to use algebraic methods

P1.1 Using the laws of indices 

P1.2 Using the laws of logarithms 

P2 Using te equation of the line of best fit

P3 Factorising Expressions

M1 Solving Simultaneous Equations 

M2 Solving quadratic Equations 

Module 4.2


Learning Outcome 2  Be able to use trigonometric methods and standard formulae to determine areas and volumes

P4.1 Converting between degrees and radians 

P4.2 Calculating the lengths of arcs and the areas of sectors 

P4.3 Basic Trigonometry 

P5 Sketching Trigonometric functions 

P6 Trigonometry 2 - Sine and Cosine rule 

P7 Calculating the volume and surface area of regular solids including prisms, cylinders, spheres, cones and compound shapes 

Module 4.3


Learning Outcome 3  Be able to use statistical methods to display data

P8 Drawing statistical diagrams inclusing bar charts, piecharts, cumulative frequency diagrams and histograms  

P9 Calculating and interpreting the mean, median and mode


Module 4.4


Learning Outcome 4  Be able to use elementary calculus techniques

P10 An introduction to Differentiation and Integration

D1 Exponetial growth and decay

D2 Definite Integration

This course is for registered BTEC centres only.

COURSE CODE: BTEC4   - £36 per learner(user)

includes access to the online course and provision of our model assignments to the organisation.

COURSE CODE: BTEC4M1   - £45 per learner(user)

includes everything in BTEC4 plus the marking of the first attempt in each assignment per user.

COURSE CODE: BTEC4M2   - £50 per learner(user)

includes everything in BTEC4M1 plus the marking of up to 2 authorised resubmissions.  

If required , additional assignment marking can be procured at the rate of £3 per assignment.

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