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One to One Coaching

One to one coaching

setting goals is the first step towards success

When a student joins Raymondson, a dedicated learning coach meets with the student and parent(s) to discuss his or her career goals. The discussion helps to determine what Maths grade the student will commit to achieving. The student then does initial assessments to identify his or her starting point.


Based on the student’s starting point, grade goal, and the time until exams, the coach will help the student to develop his or her personalised Maths course – the learning journey the student will take to achieve his or her grade goal.


The student’s course is broken down into LAPs (Learning Activity Packs). A LAP represents four weeks of learning. Each LAP consists of weekly learning goals, together with the learning resources, practice tasks, assignments and strategies a student needs to use to achieve his or her goals.  


LAPs allow students, parents and teachers to measure progress each week. At least once every four weeks (the time it should take the student to complete a LAP), the student will have a coaching session to discuss progress towards his or her grade goal and agree on strategies to keep on track.

individualised learning 

Making progress at the optimal pace

Our unique LAP (Learning Activity Pack) system allows each student to focus on manageable chunks of learning each week. Each LAP is made up of the set of learning resources – videos, presentations, etc. and exercises, that are most appropriate to the individual student’s needs. The LAP also contains the student’s agreed independent study schedule. 

According to his or her schedule, each student will read, watch or interact with learning resources to begin to grasp targeted concepts or skills, and then do practice exercises to develop them further. Students use an online digital notebook to make notes and show all working out.


Students have access to a range of resources and tools to enable accurate self-assessment, including instant-feedback quizzes, worked solutions and step-by-step solution generators. A student will use these to rethink and rework any problems they have incorrect. Tutors regularly check each student’s work, provide feedback and make sure the student acts on it.


To demonstrate mastery, a student must submit a tutor-marked assignment that usually consists of past paper questions related to the learning goal. The tutor will provide appropriate support and feedback until the student shows evidence that he or she has achieved the learning goal. During coaching sessions, the student's coach also checks his or her understanding. No student is ‘allowed’ to give up!

Independent learning


our approach is not just different. it is better.

We are expert teachers that use the most advanced learning technologies to accelerate student progress like never before - we call it Tuition 2.0




unrivalled feedback to accelerate progress 

Tutors have access to each student's LAP (Learning Activity Pack) and use these to proactively monitor and support each student's progress during the week. Each student uses a digital notebook to log progress, make all of his or her notes and to show all working out for problems he or she solves. This allows the tutor to look at a student's work regularly, identify any issues and provide effective feedback.  


The advanced digital technology we use allows a tutor to provide written, oral or video feedback. For example, if a student solved an equation incorrectly, a tutor might provide a video solving a similar equation, with emphasis placed on the incorrect step(s) the student took. In addition to posting a link to the video next to the incorrect work, the student would get a note instructing them to redo the problem, and do two or three to ensure they have grasped the approach.


In addition to our proactive monitoring and feedback system, students can ask for support anytime using email or our private collaborative learning network. If a student is not making expected progress or not responding to feedback provided, the student's coach and parent will be alerted via email. 

Unlimited Support


together we aspire, together we achieve

On enrolment, a student will be assigned to a tutorial group – a small group of students with similar grade goals or prior knowledge. Depending on the chosen tuition plan, a student will have up to four live online tutorials per week, each lasting 50 minutes.


The tutorial is used to address misconceptions, consolidate learning,  or deepen understanding by solving problems set in new and unfamiliar contexts. The instructor shares the tutorial's learning objectives with the group in advance and tells them what work they need to do to prepare for the session. For example, students may have to complete a set of past exam paper questions.  


Tutorials are held in virtual classrooms which allow effective interaction between the instructor and students. All of our students can see each other and the teacher in real-time. They can discuss, question, respond, and actively listen together.


Each student can share his or her digital notebook with other students and the instructor for feedback at any point during the lesson.  There are breakout rooms which allow students to work in pairs or groups of three on shared whiteboards. The instructor can see the work each student is doing and support as needed. Tutorials are recorded and available for playback on any device to aid future revision.


In addition to deepening each student's mathematical knowledge and skills, participating in our tutorials helps students to develop digital collaboration techniques and interpersonal skills highly valued by employers. 

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We offer a range of affordable tuition plans and flexible payment options. On all of our plans, students can progress with their individualised learning anywhere, anytime, with unlimited proactive tutor support. All students have full online access to their LAP (Learning Activity Pack), their personal digital notebook, and all the resources and tools available in our digital library. Using our online communication tools, every student can contact a tutor anytime and get a timely response. Our plans vary by the frequency of one-to-one coaching sessions we provide and your chosen tutorial arrangements.




Tutorials and coaching sessions can take place on any day between 9 AM and 9 PM (GMT). To ensure that we continuously meet the needs of our entire student body, we review our tutorial groups and schedule monthly. Subject to advance notification, the groups and schedule might change on the first Monday of every month. We operate an online booking system for coaching sessions, allowing students to choose their ideal meeting time.




With the importance of mathematics to work and society ever increasing, a Raymondson education is one of the best investments you will ever make. To learn more about our plans and prices, visit our fees page or contact us today.




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