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We immerse kids in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) through the excitement of building and coding robots.


At a Raymondson Robotics Club kids and teens build, code & explore amazing machines! Your child will learn core STEM concepts and develop the most in demand tech skills at our fun, hands-on learning labs. Classes are led by an expert, qualified STEM teacher.  


Our extraordinary enrichment programme goes beyond the national curriculum. In addition to exploring mechanical and electronic engineering , many of the key learning objectives for KS2  and KS3 Maths, Science, Computer Science, Design and Technology are taught in greater depth.  Raymondson Robotics is a fun way to improve exam results in STEM.  Our aim is to give your child a solid foundation for future studies in maths, science, engineering, computing and other related fields. 


In the early stages of the programme, your child is introduced to mechanics and visual programming using Science Museum approved educational robotics and mechanics kits from Clementoni. As they progress, they will work with best in class educational robotics kits from Lego and Vex, paving the way for them to join a team aiming to compete in international robotics competitions.   


Our structured curriculum draws from a range of expertise, including lessons designed by successful international robotics team trainers and the world-renowned Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy. This ensures that our club can offer your child years of inspirational STEM learning experiences that help them to engineer an amazing future!

Uxbridge Maths and Robotics Clubs -1 March to 29 July

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