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Watch your child 'rise with the machines' as they learn core STEM concepts and develop the most in demand skills at our fun, online learning labs. 

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Virtual Robotics Club

Virtual Robotics Club

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Give your child skills for the future

The world is changing. A new machine age, powered by advances in artificial intelligence, robotics and digital platforms is changing the way we live, work and relate to each other. 


From autonomous vehicles to cancer-detecting algorithms, and from picking and packing machines to robo-advisory tools used in financial services, almost every industry in every country is being transformed.

Active learners with strong analytic thinking and technology design skills are needed to navigate the new human/machine division of labour. “Human” skills such as creativity, initiative, critical thinking, attention to detail, resilience, flexibility and complex problem-solving are becoming even more valuable.

By learning robotics at a Raymondson Club, your child can develop these skills and new ways of thinking, enabling them to take a leading role in shaping an amazing future.

Boy with DIY Robot

Get your child excited about STEM

Girls Building Robot

A Raymondson Robotics Club provides kids and teens aged 8-14 with hands-on learning experiences that help build the confidence and skill sets needed for the future. We use the motivational effects of robotics to excite students about science, technology, engineering an mathematics (STEM).

In the early stages of the programme, your child is introduced to mechanics and visual programming using Science Museum approved educational robotics and mechanics kits from Clementoni. 


As they progress, key STEM concepts and text based coding skills will be learnt in order to solve more and more complex challenges. From building land based robotics kits from Lego and Vex to commanding flying robots - drones - from DJI, we aim to take your child's STEM learning to new heights.


At the most advanced stages, we will introduce students to the world Electronics using Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards, Design using CAD software and 3D printers and mathematical modelling using Matlab, in order to engineer amazing machines. 

How it works 

Our clubs are led by outstanding, fully qualified and DBS checked teachers. 


Students can join a club at any time. All new students start learning at the same point. 

Classes focus on enabling students to obtain practical knowledge through the solution of interesting, understandable assignments. High motivation for learning is achieved through an interactive engineering-game format. 

Weekly classes are offered in varying lengths based on local demand. Sessions run from 1-3 hours long. 

The length of the session(s) offered at your local club will determine the mix of design/problem solving, building, coding, testing, exploring and competing offered in any given session. Regardless of the format offered, learning experiences are designed to bring STEM subjects to life, making learning fun and impactful.  

Your child will engage in a mix of individual tasks and pair work. 


A typical class format is 

  • Connect: the topic or task is introduced, allowing students to ask clarifying questions and build on their existing knowledge.

  • Construct: a building activity to promote experimentation with collaboration and construct artefacts that can be recalled later.

  • Contemplate: students consider what has been learned and share insights with each other.

  • Continue: every task ends with a new task that builds on what has just been learned, keeping students motivated and curious

All equipment is provided. 

Learn from the best 

The Raymondson robotics programme uses best in class educational robotics kits and draws on curricula resources from a range of expert providers including Vex, Autodesk, Lego and the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, an educational outreach of Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, and part of the university’s world-renowned Robotics Institute. 

Our extraordinary enrichment programme goes beyond the national curriculum. In addition to exploring mechanical and electronic engineering in greater depth, many of the learning objectives for Computer Science, Design and Technology, Maths and Science are taught.  Our aim is to give your child a solid foundation for future studies in maths, science, engineering, computing and other related fields. 

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