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Our fun, challenging classes will prepare your child to exceed the rigours of their school curriculum by developing their higher order problem solving skills.  



For  Kids Aged 8 -13

As a Raymondson Club member your child can attend up to three different extraordinary online classes every week. You will also benefit from discounts on private tuition, face-to-face sessions (when its safe to run again) and a range of events we will run throughout the year. 

Information about our classes and schedules is provided below to help you choose which membership option best meets your child's needs.

Single sessions are available. Book using class links below.

Contact us to arrange a free trial or to discuss your options further. 



We introduce young aspiring programmers to the world of algorithms and computer programming. Your child is exposed to fun, engaging tasks that are based on problems that Computer Scientists must solve. These classes encourage curiosity and promote multiple modes of thinking. They foster lateral thinking and pragmatic problem solving.


For kids who love maths, training to become a successful mathlete might be the ultimate extracurricular activity! These classes prepare your child for success in competitions and high stakes exams. Your child will learn to think and develop flexibility as they try to solve fun, challenging, non-routine maths problems.  

Personalised Problem SOLVING

Your child will learn with the world renowned AoPS curriculum that has prepared tens of thousands of students for the rigours of top-tier universities and internationally competitive careers. Key school maths curriculum concepts are covered, but in greater depth and with significantly more opportunities for developing mathematical thinking and reasoning skills.



Each class/session lasts 45min.

There is a 10 min break between sessions on the same day.

You can book single/trial sessions for most classes on the class page linked above.

Ready to subscribe?

You can choose a subscription package that includes up to 6 sessions per week.

  1. Competitive Maths  - 2 sessions max per week.

  2. Personalised Maths Problem Solving Practice* - 2 sessions max per week.

  3. Computational Thinking and Coding – 1 session max per week

Prior to subscribing, please ensure that you have checked availability using the schedule links above to choose your classes and session times.

It is expected that you will attend the same classes at the same times for each 12 month period.


Changes will be possible subject to availability.  

If you are subscribing for one child you can use the payment links below. For more siblings, please contact us to invoice with a discount. 

One you have subscribed we will be in touch via email to book in your child's sessions. 

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding Club membership.

Choose your monthly plan

  • Raymondson ONE- BA

    Every month
    • Full access to Beast Academy Online
    • One live 45min session per week for 44 weeks per annum
    • Additional classes/sessions charged at £15 per session
    • 5% discount on Private Tuition Fees
    • 3% discount on all events (workshops, holiday camps etc)
  • Raymondson TWO

    Every month
    • Choose up to TWO different classes
    • Attend up to 2 sessions per week
    • Additional classes/sessions charged at £14 per session
    • 7% discount on Private Tuition Fees
    • 4% discount on all events (workshops, holiday camps etc)
  • Recommended

    Raymondson THREE

    Every month
    • Choose up to THREE different classes
    • Attend up to 3 sessions per week
    • Additional classes/sessions charged at £13 per session
    • 10% discount on Private Tuition Fees
    • 5% discount on all events (workshops, holiday camps etc)

Payments will auto-renew until you cancel.

First Hour with Maths Tutor Free.
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